Best of Black & White 

(Äthiopien 2019)

(Botswana 2019)


Thimphu, Bhutan (2019)

Inle-Lake, Myanmar 

Inle See, Myanmar ()


Chattisgarh, (Indien 2017)

Punaka (Bhutan 2019)

Best of Safari

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

Zambezi River, Botswana

Tribal Portraits

Himba Woman, Namibia (2019)

Mursi Woman & Child, Ethiopia (2018)

Hmong Woman, Myanmar (2016)

Chin Woman, Myanmar (2016)

Hmong Woman, Myanmar (2016)

Chin Woman, Myanmar (2016)

Giraffe-Neck Woman, Myanmar (2016)

Monk in Bhutan (Bumthang, 2019)

All about motion ...

All pictures shown here are about motion in photography.

Mask Dance in Bhutanese Monastery in Bumthang Valley..

Island Horse 2021

Firer Dancer on the Kandy Festival in Sri Lanka

A rainy day in Hanoi.

Siesta in La Paz Bolivia

A bird in the Namib Dessert

A festival in Cuzco Peru

Landscape Photography